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Welcome to the Miami Press Gourmet Sandwich Website!  

We’re two young guys who have spent our culinary careers cooking for celebrities (JLO, the Kardashians, Eva Longoria, and Carmelo Anthony to name a few).  We have a true passion for creating tastebud killer sandwiches and love trying out new flavors.  Check out photos of our gourmet sandwiches (to the right) and see for yourself.

We love being a part of the Miami Food Truck Ralleys and occasionally travel elsewhere (check out our Twitter feed for our location of the day).  

Come out, have a good time with us, and try our Gourmet Sandwiches!


14 thoughts on “

  1. Had the Italian Goat Cheese Press this past Friday at the “Food Truck Invasion” in Royal Palm Beach – OH MY GOSH, delicious!!! And friendly service! Can’t wait till next month, want to try the Patty Melt Press!

  2. I’ve visited Plantation Heritage Park event many times. This truck has the best tasting cabatta bread sandwiches that are pretty big and under $10.00
    They have really good fries…try the buffalo and blue cheese fries.
    My Vegetarian wife loved the eggplant sandwich on ciabatta bread
    We can’t wait till next Tuesday

  3. Looking to feed 40 people at a holiday party. Do not need food truck but would like someone to prepare sandwiches to order.
    Thanks kara

  4. I need to know your recipe for the gazette! It is the best sandwich I’ve ever had and need to know how to make it at home!! Please let me know just a few of your secrets!

  5. I had the blt avocado sandwich wow…. really good your truffle fries with parma cheese so delicious plus you guys are so handsome and funny cant wait to to try some more …….

  6. Wowzers! Mac and cheese will never be the same! Your creativity takes a traditional side to a whole other level, with a nice modern day twist of course. I’m still craving the scrumptious bites. Very well done!

  7. Hi There!

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a sandwich names after someone just for a day? I would like to surprise a special someone and thought having their favorite sandwich named after them would be amazing! Please let me know 🙂

    Sincerely, Camila M.

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